“You haven’t had a good night until you’ve had a Mennonite”

Mon 25, June 2007 12:47 pm Extremely Cool, thailand, travel

Yesterday (Sunday) I made a bit of an effort to see some of bangkok.
I headed for the Chao Phraya river that cuts and winds its way through Bangkok, pocket HD camera ready to capture it all!


On the way I met 2 cool Mennonite girls, MaryLyn and Amanda, from Canada who are over here in Bangkok teaching at a school they say is full of rich little Thai kids. They both seemed to be really having a good time over here. So I befriended these girls and we hopped on the tourist boat. 100 baht for all day river action.


Pretty cool but unfortunately my pocketHD camera ran out of batteries just as I got on the boat. Fark! Good excuse to checkout the river again I guess.


We made one stop at Pier 5 to check out Chinatown and a huge swing, that didn’t have a swing (pulled down because it was thought to be dangerous), and stopped for a bite to eat at Siam Paragon centre. I asked them if they were religious and they said yes, and explained a bit about the world of Mennonite. The joke was “You haven’t had a good night until you’ve had a Mennonite”! 🙂 I thought it was some type of rock.


more photos…