work done. resuscitation begins.

What’s the best thing you can do after doing mental hours in the vfx world and not seeing your friends and family for weeks on end?

There are probably many options out there. One of them is to let your friends do all the hard work and book a nice little house up in the Blue Mountains in a little town called Mt Victoria and cook tasty food and let you eat it and then drag you along on bush walks.

Fresh air, sunlight & good friends are truly amazing things.

So I finally got to test out my new camera, the Canon 550D (a.k.a the Rebel T2i) or as it is affectionately known in Japan, the “Kiss X4”.

I am sticking with 550D.
(I just need some black electrical tape to cover the red “Kiss” logo on the front of the camera.)

This camera is impressing me so far, and I think a fair amount of that impressiveness is coming from the “Tamron SP AF17-50mm f2.8 XR DiII VC” lens I was recommended.

Anyway enough gas bagging, here are some pics I punched through Lightroom 3 and put up on Flickr. Yes I know the grading is over the top and has killed all the nice dynamic range in the original image, lots to learn!

IMG_0673 IMG_0687 IMG_0689 IMG_0692 IMG_0694 IMG_0695 IMG_0696 IMG_0697 IMG_0702 IMG_0717 IMG_0720 IMG_0723 IMG_0724 IMG_0725 IMG_0727 IMG_0729 IMG_0734 IMG_0735 IMG_0737 IMG_0738 IMG_0739 IMG_0748 IMG_0771 IMG_0774 IMG_0781 IMG_0783 IMG_0784 IMG_0785 IMG_0786 IMG_0787 IMG_0791 IMG_0793 IMG_0794 IMG_0808 IMG_0814 IMG_0815 IMG_0816 IMG_0819 IMG_0821 IMG_0824 IMG_0825 IMG_0826 IMG_0829 IMG_0830 IMG_0831 IMG_0861 IMG_0865 IMG_0866 IMG_0879 IMG_0881 IMG_0884 IMG_0900 IMG_0902 IMG_0903 IMG_0905 IMG_0910 IMG_0911 IMG_0932 IMG_0933 IMG_0941 IMG_0977 IMG_0980 IMG_0982 IMG_0989 IMG_0991 IMG_0994 IMG_0995 IMG_0999 IMG_1004 IMG_1007 IMG_1008 IMG_1015 IMG_1016 IMG_1024

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