Ride: Bangkok to Singapore

Sun 17, May 2009 11:47 am Extremely Cool , ,

And now for something a bit random.
I had an idea when I was in Jordan – to buy a cheap bicycle and ride from Bangkok to Singapore.
Why not hey?
Well probably because it will be extremely ho, raining, humid and all together unpleasant.
But, if i can manage to do it, what an adventure.
Apparently as ‘the crow flies” the distance is about 1500km.

So, with the help of my mate Boat, I bought a bike yesterday!


Apparently it’s a ‘Bridgestone’. 60cm frame – the biggest we could find in Thailand. It’s a little bit small still but I think I can pick up some new parts to make it a bit more of a giant’s ride.

Here’s a track from Saturday’s ride : Ekamai-Siam-Banglamphu-ThongLo

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