removing noise in Garageband & “A Beginners guide to mixing in GarageBand”

Sat 24, February 2007 5:14 pm Extremely Cool

I have been taking each of my Mandarin lessons i’ve recorded into Garageband to add chapter markers so I can listen to it on my iPod and skip between the topics. It’s really cool.

As for the actual recordings I noticed i have some bad background noise in my recordings from the Putonghua class I have – air conditioners and hiss etc..

I’ve found a few tools that seem to be getting a bit of a result. “Speech enhancer” & “AUGraphicEQ”


Speech Enhancer is some sort of noise filter – not a lot of buttons to push – but I will experiment a little more

AUGraphicEQ – there is a fair amount of low frequency rumble and high frequency hiss – this seems to have knocked that back a lot – but i am losing a bit – once again i’ll experiment a little more.


In my travels to find a way to get rid of it I found this good article on some audio basics for Garageband / recording / mixing

“Giles Turnbull has already written an introduction to the basics of GarageBand, for those who have recently joined the world of digital recording. In this article, I’ll assume that you’ve already recorded your tracks, and/or used the pre-recorded loops, to assemble the basic parts of your song.”