New furniture & New tenAnts

Wed 15, August 2007 1:51 pm Extremely Cool, thailand

Last weekend Dad came over a visit to Bangkok. I realised I didn’t have anything decent to sleep on besides my bed – which I was going to make sure Dad slept on.

So I had to find me something.

It recommended I get a Thai style fold triangle chair bed thingo – something like that.

I went ahead and got one at the last minute from a really nice shop called “Paya” on Thonglor 10.

New furniture - thai style - before transform New furniture - thai style - after transform

Anyway, it’s pretty cool. I slept on it for a few days and wasn’t in too much pain.

Then yesterday I wanted to take some photos of it and show how it Transforms. When I opened it up I found I had some new flatmates – hundreds of Ants and their babies! Little bastards!

New furniture - thai style - new tenAnts