I love Mexico.

Upon arriving in Mexico some 4 months ago I really had no idea what we would be about to experience.
The only references I had were from movies like Desperado & Nacho Libre, and I think I had seen The Mexican.

The history? Ha, I had no idea. I remember learning something about a fair chunk of the USA once being owned by Mexico. And maybe Aztecs & Mayans had something to do with Mexico too.

The food? Ha, yep nachos, burritos and Corona beer.

The music? Ha, mariachi of course.

The geography? Ha, desert. But I at least knew it was the country south of the USA, somewhere. Cancun?

The people? Ha, dudes with big mustaches sporting sombreros sitting around playing guitar.


Mexico pretty much has it all.

When we crossed the border from San Ysidro into Tijuana I was slightly apprehensive after all the warning we’d had from people on the US side. Apparently we were going to either be killed or robbed by the narco folks within minutes. But after entering Mexico the only thing that looked like it was going to kill us was the heat. One day it reached 47C or so and you can see in the 3rd episode of Planet Kapow that we were wasted. We managed to spend a night camping under the stars with some friends we’d made in Ensenada, we swam at some beautiful beaches, and ate some tasty tasty food. Tacos pescados to be exact. Yummo!

There was a lot to see in Baja California but due to the heat it was just too damn hard to make the effort. I’ll come back to Baja one day, once I have learnt to surf, and will spend some months cruising the coastline in search of the perfect taco pescado, and of course the perfect wave.

A month or so in we attempted to reach a farm out in Yepachi, Chihuahua, to work on a farm for a few weeks. We were going to learn about Organic farming and hopefully pickup some Spanish. Instead we spent 24 hours or so lost out in the Chihuahuan’ wilderness getting chased by bulls, drinking water off the sides of mountains, and spooning during the cold night. We ended up walking 40km or so eventually deciding that we would postpone the farming idea until sometime later.

But it all worked out beautifully.

After the farm fail we got on the first bus we could to the city of Chihuahua where our love affair with Mexico started to fire. We befriended some students who took us out for drinks and tried to teach us how to dance in their kitchen until 4am.


And Mexico only got better.

We found ourselves in beautiful Unesco heritage listed cities in the order of Durango-Zacatecas-Guanajuato, each one somehow out-awesomeing the last one, had coffees and beers around many beautiful city plazas, tried to learn spanish at a Spanish language school, found even more ways to eat cheese and tortillas (my favourite ended up being the quesadillas we had at a street eat in Puerto Vallarta), we road horses up the mountains around Real de Catorce, we climbed volcanoes that had grown out of some poor man’s farm around 50 years ago, we stood awe struck taking in the vastness of one of the biggest canyons in the world Barrancas del Cobre (Copper Canyon), we experienced the spectacle & might that is Luche Libre wrestling in Mexico City, we walked with The Dead during the dia del muerte festival (Day of the Dead), we scaled ancient pyramids and tried to fathom the design & engineering of ancient ruined cities, we froze our asses off and drank delicious hot chocolate up in the mountains of Oaxaca, we got dumped by the heavy world renowned surf of Puerto Escondido and hungout at beautiful seaside villages like Zipolite & Mazunte, and we continued to dig deeper into the history of country with more revolutions than a rotary engine.

And after the whole 4 months or so we never saw one burrito or plate of nachos, and never had any direct run-ins with any of the narcos.

But probably the thing I have enjoyed the most about Mexico has been the hospitality and overall kindness of the people.
No matter where in Mexico we were people would be patient enough to decipher our slowly progressing attempts at the Spanish language, and with a sense of humour, would help us out.

Mexico is beautiful.

IMG_4757_SanPedroMartir IMG_5053_SanIgnacio IMG_5189_LaPaz IMG_5446_Mazatlan IMG_5495_PuertoVallarta IMG_5497_PuertoVallarta IMG_5551_PuertoVallarta IMG_5600_PuertoVallarta IMG_5638_Tepic IMG_5668_Jala IMG_5786_Yepachi IMG_5805_Yepachi IMG_5810_Yepachi IMG_5820_Yepachi IMG_5848_Chihuahua IMG_5977_Creel IMG_5995_Creel IMG_6046_CopperCanyon IMG_6057_CopperCanyon IMG_6222_Durango IMG_6384_Zacatecas IMG_6389_Zacatecas IMG_6502_Zacatecas IMG_6516_Zacatecas IMG_6542_Zacatecas IMG_6544_Zacatecas IMG_6570_Zacatecas IMG_6597_Zacatecas IMG_6607_Zacatecas IMG_6644_AguasCalientes IMG_6718_AguasCalientes IMG_6771_AguasCalientes IMG_6772_AguasCalientes IMG_6857_RealDeCatorce IMG_6868_RealDeCatorce IMG_6868_RealDeCatorce-2 IMG_6883_RealDeCatorce IMG_6950_RealDeCatorce_pano IMG_6955_RealDeCatorce IMG_6963_RealDeCatorce IMG_7033_Guanajuato IMG_7057_Guanajuato IMG_7077_Guanajuato IMG_7116_Guanajuato IMG_7157_Guanajuato IMG_7217_Querétaro IMG_7229_Querétaro IMG_7264_Querétaro IMG_7300_MexicoCity IMG_7312_MexicoCity IMG_7324_MexicoCity IMG_7420_MexicoCity IMG_7434_MexicoCity_pano IMG_7466_MexicoCity IMG_7473_MexicoCity IMG_7508_MexicoCity IMG_7566_MexicoCity IMG_7577_MexicoCity IMG_7606_MexicoCity IMG_7614_MexicoCity IMG_7650_MexicoCity IMG_7698_Morelia IMG_7701_Morelia IMG_7718_Pátzcuaro IMG_7725_Pátzcuaro IMG_7742_Pátzcuaro IMG_7802_VolcanParicutin IMG_7803_VolcanParicutin IMG_7813_VolcanParicutin IMG_7817_VolcanParicutin IMG_7873_VolcanParicutin IMG_7913_Guadalajara IMG_7933_Tequila IMG_7956_Tequila IMG_8057_Cuyutlan IMG_8059_Cuyutlan IMG_8076_Cuyutlan IMG_8408 IMG_8444 IMG_8452 IMG_8505 IMG_8530 IMG_8537 IMG_8565 IMG_8613 IMG_8632 IMG_8658 IMG_8660 IMG_8759 IMG_8796 IMG_8864 IMG_8896 IMG_8931 IMG_8942 IMG_8961 IMG_9010 IMG_9018 IMG_9063 IMG_9090 IMG_9100 IMG_9113 IMG_9141 IMG_9149 IMG_9217_Zipolite_PuertoEscondido IMG_9224_Zipolite_PuertoEscondido IMG_9228_Zipolite_PuertoEscondido IMG_9245_Zipolite_PuertoEscondido IMG_9275_Zipolite_PuertoEscondido IMG_9319_Zipolite_PuertoEscondido IMG_9252_Zipolite_PuertoEscondido IMG_9356_PuertoEscondido IMG_9518_SanCritobalDeLasCasas IMG_9541_SanCritobalDeLasCasas IMG_9581_SanCritobalDeLasCasas IMG_9642_palenque IMG_9692_palenque IMG_9743_palenque IMG_9755_palenque IMG_9759_panorama_palenque IMG_9851 IMG_9948_tulum IMG_9954_tulum IMG_9959_tulum

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