Me & an iPhone – oh yeah, and a presentation by Autodesk & FxGuide

Thu 19, July 2007 9:06 pm computer stuff, Extremely Cool, thailand, VFX

I just got back from a presentation by Autodesk and some folks from – demoing the new versions of Flame and Smoke. The guys presentated well – Flame looked cool as always, but Smoke…. not for me.


I had my first experience with an iPhone! And it was … hot!


Unfortunately i look like I have some sort of disability in this photo – i just blaim it on the awesomeness of the iPhone.

The iPhone is fabulous – it feels solid and the touch screen is kickass. I didnt get to look at too much except for iTunes / coverflow and the photo album – all very very very amazing!

Here is the FX Guide man himself John Montgomery:


Salvo & Nick also had a go:

DSC00267.JPG DSC00268.JPG