Khaosan Rd, JJ Market & Bangkok Film Festival market

Tue 24, July 2007 3:10 pm Extremely Cool, thailand, VFX

It’s been an interesting couple of days – bad news and cool stuff at the same time – good old life yin & yang.

Friday night was cool – I worked kinda late on friday night but managed to grab a drink with Jeab and Nick at Y50 on Thonglo 21 – the place was packed but we managed to get a seat and drink until 4am – interesting because everywhere in Bangkok is meant to close at 1am (it’s the law). We even got to have a shot of Tequila in there!

On the way home 2 policeman got off the one motorcycle (i am sure you’d never see that in the west) and pulled us up – asked for id, gave us a grope, and asked if we had any drugs. Nick was laughing the whole time – i was a little more spun out by the scenario after the tequila. Luckily we werent transporting any drugs so the cops couldn’t make a little earner off us, so they buggered off.

Saturday night I went with Salvo, Ben & Jeab to Khaosan road – tourist central. I’ve been meaning to check it out since I arrived here but have never managed to get there. Anyway, it’s a pretty cool place – lots of bars and cheap food, and so many foreigners.

Khaosan Rd Khaosan Rd Khaosan Rd Khaosan Rd

Sunday I went with the guys to JJ market again – got some clothes and a cheap powerboard – which I hope isn’t going to cause an electrical fire and burn down my new apartment. This time I managed to take take the HD camera along with charged batteries. I’ll get a clip up soon. The markets really are amazing – they are huge and have so many types of things to buy and food to eat.

Yesterday (monday) I went with Finito to our booth at the Bangkok Film Market (or something like that) that is running alongside the Bangkok International Film Festival.

Bangkok Film Market Bangkok Film Market Bangkok Film Market Bangkok Film Market

Not a whole lot to say about it, except one booth had some wicked props:

Bangkok Film Market Bangkok Film Market Bangkok Film Market