Need to prepare some subtitles for a video you are working on?

Need to log your media and don’t want to jump back and forth between QuickTime player and a text editor?
Wish there was an easy way to get your logging info into Final Cut Pro?

Well, hopefully SubIt can ease your pain!


SubIt 1.3 now available!

  • bug fixes
  • susbtitle editor enhancements


* ability to preview titles/text over video
* title/action safe guides (including 4×3 safe)
* ability to select QT tracks such as timecode
* select font/style/size for export

subit (765 downloads)


The basics:
Open your QT
Hit play
Mark an ‘in point’ – Either hit the “MarkIN” button or the ‘i’ key
Mark an ‘in point’ – Either hit the “MarkOUT” button or the ‘o’ key
Then enter the text for the subtitle/logging
Then either hit “Apple S” or the “Add/Save” button to create the entry. (This will generate a ‘.subit’ file in the same location as your video.)
If you want to edit one of the cells just double click it and type away.
When you are finished select what format you would like to export as and hit “Export”.

Overlapping Subtitles
There are now 2 quick ‘cleanup’ buttons in case you end up with overlapping timecode in your subtitles/logging.
“Cleanup Row” – select a single row an hit this button – SubIt will adjust the In & Out points to accommodate for the overlap
“Cleanup All Rows” – Cleanup Row up ‘en masse’

Non-ASCII text support
You should now be able to use all your keyboard. 😉


**Let me know what you would like to see in SubIt!

System Requirements
currently requires Mac OSX 10.5

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developed using Objective-C and xCode