Wed 5, September 2007 4:20 pm Extremely Cool, thailand

I am suffering a tremendous hangover after an awesome night out to ‘celebrate’ me turning 26. Actually it was more like 2 nights.

26 years old

26 years old - suprise bday cake action at finito

On the night of 3rd – bday eve – I went out with Jeab, Mono and Salvo to Tuba and Y50 for a bit of a night. Everytime I go to Y50 I always realise how awesome a place it is. Jeab was cool, she sneakily got the band to play a happy bday at midnight – cheers Jeab!

tuba - jeab, me, mono

26 years old

Last night was a cracker, and as I said I am paying for it now. Actually I didn’t pay for a thing last night, the chaps were super generous and took me out. The gang included Michael, Ben, Chum, Dicky, Barto, Paul & Tim. Some of us made it to Soi Cowboy and that was about the point where I cant remember a lot! Thanks a lot guys it was a kickass night!

26 years old - Michael, Ben, Dickey 26 years old 26 years old - Ben

26 years old  - Barto 26 years old - Pi Chum 26 years old - suprise bday cake action at finito

The cake was amazing

I am realising i am now 4 years away from 30! It’s starting to get a bit serious.